Neat Gadget

I am *so* not a gadget girl, but I love this little digital keychain that Drew gave me for Mother’s Day! It’s small, but holds a bunch of photos and with the baby here, everyone always wants to see pictures so this will be a great way to have some with me all the time. I wasn’t sure if these keychains come with compact flash cards, but mine did so for now I’ll use that one. I think I can always use one with more memory later if I want to store more pics, but this should be good. Now if only I can get a photo of Miss Laura with her eyes open! She just doesn’t want to cooperate, LOL!

2 Replies to “Neat Gadget”

  1. i have one of those, and i love it. i know it’ll be very useful once the baby comes!

  2. Jeff gave me one of those, and I haven’t used it at ALL. So they’re nice? Can you “sync” them with Flickr? I’ll have to get him to set it all up for me again sometime. I don’t even know where mine is.

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