Laura is currently napping on my lap while holding on to a cookie she made me get a few moments ago. She actually woke up, demanded the cookie, took the cookie, cuddled up with the cookie, and fell back to sleep.

She has not eaten the cookie.

Meanwhile, I’m here lazing about, watching boring Saturday afternoon TV with commercials urging you to invest in an immediate annuity, sell grandma’s old jewelry for buckets of cash, and to make sure you get in on the latest prescription drug lawsuit. What a world.

Tomorrow is the boys’ birthday party and… I guess I’m pretty set for it. I have to put together the goody bags and do a little prep, but I bought the cupcakes and I’ll pick up the submarine sandwich tomorrow. Yes, I bought the cupcakes. Since we’re having about 10 of their friends, I figured it was easier to just have immediate portion control — no worrying about evenly cut slices. And as much as I enjoy baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes are a different story. They are tedious. They take forever. Really, I have too much going to be bothered with it, especially when they are so readily available. So, I bought them and I have no guilt about it. I will make each birthday boy a favorite dessert on another day.

I just hope the weather cooperates. It’s supposed to be gross and humid and rainy. I’d rather have the kids outside if possible, but… we’ll make do I guess! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Chase (my 2 yr old) has done the exact same thing… infact he falls asleep holding a cookie or cracker often haha. He loves his snacks! Funny you don’t like doing cupcakes. I love to! I think they are fun but a whole cake? Not my cup of tea…

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