My Saturday

Ah, Saturday! I hope yours was a good one. I was hoping to sleep in a little bit this morning but no — I woke up around 5:30 and try as I might, I just couldn’t coax myself back to sleep. So I got up, read over the news from the night before, and eased into the day. 

I got laundry started early, made breakfast for everyone, and got my grocery list written up for tomorrow.

My husband and son worked on recording some vocals and putting the final touches on his music portfolio for his top college choice. My oldest headed off to a friend’s house. My daughter and I went to 4 o’clock Mass.

Once we got home I started dinner (which ended up being turkey tacos — told you I end up shifting things around, LOL). Then I got the kitchen cleaned up, put on my PJs and here I sit, typing up this post. Honestly, I am super tired and I considered not even doing a post today, but I am glad I got this up. I think after I hit publish, I’m going to make a cup of decaf tea with vanilla almond milk and find a little something for dessert before either watching some TV or reading a little.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping & some meal prep for the week to make things a little easier. But now it is time to relax!

2 Replies to “My Saturday”

  1. Hooray for posting! I find it hard sometimes to find time/desire to post on the weekends. Even now, I need to be at the grocery store as well as doing many other things to prepare for the week. Hope you have a great Saturday evening!

  2. I sometimes find my weekends go too quick and seem just as busy as the week days. I have all these plans of resting at time, but that goes out the window.

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