my music man

My husband is a musician, but beyond that, he just loves music. And instruments. And our kids are following in his footsteps so you can just imagine the virtual music store in our house. Drew primarily plays guitar and has been saving for a special one, but in the meantime he enjoys searching for great deals on other guitars. Maybe I should let him know about the Gibson Melody Maker price drop at Musician’s Friend.


Of course, he shops there regularly so he probably already knows about it 😉 I know he’s owned a Gibson or two, so he probably has a good idea about the quality. His old Gibson SG was a favorite for a very long time!

Drew’s actually been working on new songs and reworking old ones lately. I love hearing the process of music being created. It starts with a few chords and after a while you have this beautiful song lilting through the house.

I think I’m going to take Laura up to visit my parents in a few weeks so he can take a day or two off and do some recording. While he can certainly do it when everyone is home, the fact is that it gets very LOUD. Not to mentioned the constant interruptions from his littlest fan who always wants to go down to the basement and play the drums with him.

Hopefully he’ll post some new stuff on his blog soon and I’ll definitely share it! In the meantime, he has some older stuff here. It can just be a hassle to upload everything. Plus, he doesn’t always have the time for extra blogging. I personally know how that goes!

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