My Baby is a Big 5 Year Old!

balloons.jpg I cannot believe that Jake is five today. FIVE! And funny that I’m just getting to type this now because he was born at 11:20. Unfortunately we’re not able to have a wild and crazy celebration because my little man is sick. We thought it might be strep throat, but the throat culture at the doctor’s office came back negative, so they did a couple blood tests. As it turns out, he has — of all things — mononucleosis. Not a great way to spend your birthday. However, he does seem to be better than yesterday, so with some luck and lots of rest he’ll be doing better for his (family-only, thank goodness!) party on Sunday. I can’t imagine if we’d planned one with his friends and having to cancel; he’d have been devastated. I’m also going to wait until then to take his annual “bear photo.” Some of you know that I’ve been doing this since he was a tiny little guy. I take his photo with a certain stuffed bear on his birthday every year to show how much he’s grown. But a few days isn’t going to make too much of a difference and I want him to feel up to it. So instead of birthday cake today he requested I make him some banana bread, which he is actually eating (obviously with an incredibly swollen throat he has not been able to eat much of anything — at least he has been drinking a lot). We did give him a few presents this morning, though, including his most-wanted, most-coveted camera Transformer. He is making the best of it — what a tough guy!

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  1. HB again to Jake!! I can’t believe he’s 5!! Can’t wait to see this year’s “bear picture” 🙂

  2. Ohhh! I had *no* idea that there was a Transformers camera! Wow ~ how cool is that? I can’t *wait* to see what pictures he takes! HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY, Jake!!! So how does it feel to be the mom of a five-year-old? hehe 🙂 I’m *so* sorry that he’s not feeling well. 🙁 Poor guy!

  3. Happy Birthday Jake! Wow!

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