Movies and Knitting and Stuff, Oh My

So not too much has been going on around here this week. I’m knitting the most ridiculous things: tiny scarves and hats for wine bottles for a window display. Totally goofy, yet cute and funny at the same time. When they’re done and the window has been decorated, I’ll have to take a picture.

Had a false-alarm this week with a house showing. That was really annoying. Our realtor left a message on Monday that there was going to be a showing Tuesday morning between 11 and 12. Now, that’s a rough time for me to be out with the kids because 1) it’s lunch time and 2) Noah takes a nap right after lunch so he’s also tired around that time. Nevertheless, we busted our butts to make sure the house was clean and, really, it sparkled. It looked so pretty! So you can just imagine how disappointed I was when I returned from grocery shopping with one hungry child and one sleeping child and heard a message from our realtor that the showing never happened. The buyer decided it was too far. Um, hello? This is something that she could have figured out before making the appointment. Has she not heard of the many mapping sites online? So that was very disappointing. But now our house is nice for us. I guess. I’m sure you are all tired of hearing me say this but I am so frustrated. I never in a million years would have thought selling a house would be this hard.

Anyway, last night Drew and I watched “X-Men: The Last Stand.” It was entertaining, but at the same time a little disappointing. I felt there were some holes that could have been patched. And what happened to Nightcrawler? He is completely absent from the movie, without explanation! Good effects in the movie, but the dialogue was eh and the color wash in the Golden Gate Bridge scene was totally weird. I don’t know if there was a reason for it, or if it was a processing error. All in all, it was a let down. But Hugh Jackman was still hot, so that’s a good thing! 🙂

Not much else has been going on. A quiet week over here.

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