More Jell-O Love

I found these molds at Stop & Shop the other day — 10 cents apiece! I bought four: three “orange” and one “lime.” Aside from the color of the silicone, I don’t see what the difference is. Should be fun to play with, though. And since they are oven-safe, I don’t see why I couldn’t use them for cupcakes (er… fruitcakes?) too. Ooh, ooh, ooh — or to make giant ice cubes to float in a punch bowl. (Perhaps for bithday parties and such).

2 Replies to “More Jell-O Love”

  1. ohhh lots of fun ideas with these! It looks to me like the orange is more circular, but yeah, not much difference.

  2. omg if they have anymore can you pick me up some and I will send ya money… those rock… I have never seen those before… those would make super cute cupcakes!

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