Monday, Monday…

I’m laughing at myself as I read over the last blog post. Oh yes — I was going to attempt to blog every day in October, wasn’t I? LOL! Oh well. I thought about it a lot, and wrote down ideas for a few posts, but… yeah, it just didn’t happen.

Anyway, onward! Let’s jump into the week with Happy Homemaker Monday.

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The Weather:::

It’s a pretty glorious autumn day out there today! The high should be in the low 70s, and the sun is shining bright. The kids are off from school today, so they’ve been playing outside. I’ve got the windows open, and I’m just enjoying the fresh air.

Things That Make Me Happy:::

Cinnamon scented candles, brilliant foliage, fuzzy blankets, quiet time, salted caramel tea…

Book I’m Reading:::

I was chosen to be on the launch team for Crystal Paine’s new book — Money Making Mom. I’ve been reading Crystal’s blog Money Saving Mom since the beginning, so I was really excited to take part! The book is wonderful, too. (Of course, if you know Crystal at all, you’d expect nothing less). It’s encouraging, positive, and full of great insight. I’ll have a full review a little closer to its publication date in November.

What’s On My TV Today:::

Today, there probably won’t be too much on, but some shows on Netflix I’ve been enjoying lately are Season 4 of American Horror Story (I know – Season 5 is out!), and I’m eager to start the last season of The Walking Dead (even though I found myself rolling my eyes throughout last season).

On The Menu For Dinner:::

Drew is picking up dinner on the way home from work tonight, so no cooking for me!

On My To-Do List:::

— pick up supplies for Cub Scouts on Friday
— print out some forms for Daisy Scouts (Laura is dying to join, so she will start this week)
— clothing donations
— the usual housework and running around 

New Recipe I Tried (Or Want To Try Soon):::

I actually don’t have anything new at the moment! Maybe I need to take a look on Pinterest.

In The Craft Basket:::

I finished up a cute coffee cup cozy last week. Nothing fancy, but it felt good to actually complete a project! I need to get back to spending a little time every day crocheting. Honestly, I’ve been devoting my free craft time to calligraphy practice lately. 


A photo posted by Carol Bancroft (@carolwrites) on


A photo posted by Carol Bancroft (@carolwrites) on


A photo posted by Carol Bancroft (@carolwrites) on

Looking Forward To This Week:::

Hopefully finally getting our central air fixed. Yes, this saga has been going on since August. I’m so disgusted, I don’t event want to think about it. I just want it done.

Looking Around The House:::

The kitchen table is covered in Laura’s craft supplies: crayons, paper, glue, etc. We were making collages with fall leaves this morning, and I have to finish picking everything up. The floors could use a good sweep and vacuum, too. But hey — three kids and two cats, so that’s to be expected!

My Favorite Blog Post This Week:::

Sad to say I didn’t really do much blog reading over the last week.

New Blog To Share:::

If you have ever wanted to learn Copperplate Calligraphy, definitely check out Nina Tran’s blog, The Copperplate Companion. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is such a nice person! She is one of my calligraphy inspirations for sure, and always happy to offer some words of encouragment on Instagram (as well as sharing her talent so the rest of can learn).

No Words Needed (Photo To Share):::


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Lesson Learned The Past Few Days:::

Sometimes you just have to be who you are, and if other people don’t “get it” — that’s OK.

Devotional, Scripture, Key Verses, Quote, Etc.:::


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  1. Joanna Unbehaun says: Reply

    Your coffee cup cozy is so cute!!! You’re so crafty and I’m just here going, “well, I can crochet a chain stitch” 😉

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