Monday Bullets

  • Ah, sun! How I’ve missed you! Looks like we’ll be enjoying some warmer (i.e., more seasonable) temperatures this week.
  • Tried a new restaurant yesterday: Buffalo Wild Wings. It was OK, but nothing special. Won’t be rushing back. I did enjoy their mango-habenero sauce, though.
  • Briefly considered buying Maggie a cat condo that was clearance at Target, but decided against it. Doubt she’d really use it.
  • Watched Disturbia last night. So. Good. My heart was pounding during the last part of the movie.
  • Again, totally unprepared for festive food holiday: nothing Mexican planned for Cinco de Mayo.
  • Just realized that Sunday is Mother’s Day. Better get on that!

One thought to “Monday Bullets”

  1. You just ruined my day .. A Wild Wings is coming to the area and I was all ready for it!! Oh well ..

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