Miscellaneous Tuesday

Ah, finally time to relax a little. It was a busy day and I feel like I’ve been going non-stop. Tuesdays always start out early because my oldest has a before-school program and I drive him to school. Now, I don’t know about you, but hate, absolutely hate Daylight Savings Time. Losing that one hour sets me back for so long. Not to mention, I love my early morning light and now I miss it terribly.

After that, I came home, got my other son ready for school and on the bus, then it was off to story hour at the library. Of course, I enjoy hanging out at story hour as much as my littlest does so I guess that doesn’t really count as a “to-do” on the list 😉

This afternoon I took care of many baskets full of laundry, fielded several e-mails and phone calls, put all the patches on Jake’s Boy Scout shirt, found a toggle clamp for Drew, and still managed to get dinner (roast chicken, potatoes, and steamed snap peas) in the oven, get the kids fed, get Jake dressed in his uniform, and make up a plate for Drew so he could quickly have a bite before taking Jake to scouts.


So much for my wonderful idea of spending this rainy afternoon crafting. Yeah… that didn’t happen at all. Well, now I plan to have a cup of tea and curl up in bed with the final season of Weeds. Tomorrow should be a little less chaotic. I hope!

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