Menu Plan Monday ~ Sept. 29

As I am typing this it’s about 6 AM and I’ve already been up for two hours. Ugh. To put it mildly. Noah awoke even earlier than usual, but this time with a cough so I got up and took him downstairs since it was clear he wasn’t going to be heading back to sleep. He begged me for strawberries, so I cut some up for him and made myself tea while he played with the magnets on the fridge. His cough seems to have improved a bit, which is great, but I know it’s going to be a long day. On the bright side, our wood stove is supposed to be installed today so I’m looking forward to that. Let’s just hope he shows up 🙂 Anyway, onto the menus:

  • Sunday: Leftovers
  • Monday: Cube steaks in dijon mustard (Drew’s recipe), celeriac puree, roasted squash, turnip & fennel
  • Tuesday: Tacos
  • Wednesday: Roast turkey breast, stuffing, cranberry sauce, CSA veggies
  • Thurday: Tomato & mozzarella tart, green salad (homemade bagel pizzas for boys)
  • Friday: Probably grab something out – Jake has a birthday party to attend
  • Saturday: Breakfast for dinner: eggs, sausage, waffles or pancakes, fruit salad

Jake is off from school tomorrow (Rosh Hashanah) and it’s CSA pickup day so I want to make sure whatever I make is easy, and preferably easy to make ahead of time. That’s why very often Tuesdays have become “Taco Tuesdays.” I can make everything in the early afternoon and then just reheat the beef once I get home from the farm. Honestly, I’m not sure how closely I’ll stick to this week’s menu, but at least it’s a guideline.

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  1. Lisanne says:

    I’m glad that you’re going to try making the tomato tart! It makes great leftovers and is so easy to heat up later! Sorry that Noah has a cough. I sure hope that I didn’t give him any bad germs! 🙁 Hope he feels better soon. Yay for your stove being installed today!

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