menu plan monday, of salads and slow cookers

I’m trying to do as little shopping as possible this week, plus it’s going to be sweltering. So I’ve decided to use my oven as little as possible (especially since our A/C is out of commission and our plumber is on vacation). Luckily, we have all that lettuce from last week’s CSA! So my game plan is to either chop it and toss it in a bowl, grill it, or throw it in the Crock Pot.

The last time I made gyros I actually thought ahead and made a second loaf, which I stuck in the freezer to make things super easy. I’m currently roasting  a chicken in order to have the meat for lunches, and the bones to make stock so I can also make soup to go along with it.

Unfortunately, last week I never did get to try the copycat recipe for Ruby Tuesday’s Sonora Chicken pasta — I don’t even remember what the reason was. Nevertheless, last week I somehow managed to really overdo it on the carbs, culminating in a total indulgence at Red Lobster last night (their absolutely delicious shrimp and scallops alfredo — oh, all that spaghetti!) Anyway, that recipe will have to wait for another week. I really have to scale back on the grains this week and get back on track. Once I start eating that stuff, I find myself craving all kinds of breads and sweets, and I really can’t have that.

Here’s what this week is looking like:

  • Sunday: Burritos
  • Monday:  Gyro salads, avgolemono
  • Tuesday: Slow-cooker French dip sandwiches, cole slaw
  • Wednesday: Grilled filet mignon with blue cheese butter, smashed cauliflower, green bean, onion, and feta salad
  • Thursday: White chicken chili (slow cooker), salad
  • Friday: Leftovers
  • Saturday: Take-out

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  1. These are some amazing list of menu. The recipe that you have post is really amazing. Wish I could easily follow those procedures.

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