Menu Plan Monday, Lazy Summer Days

Oh, I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am to be done with summer camps. The boys had a blast and I’m so glad I got to volunteer (unplanned) at Cub Scout Day Camp, but those long days in the sun really wear you out. We have a pretty low-key week ahead, thank goodness! I’m heading out to dinner with a girlfriend on Wednesday night, and Saturday will be something easy because I’m going to see one of my Top 5 Favorite Authors read at a local bookstore. (So super excited about this!!!)

I also hope to stop neglecting my blog. I have to get up last week’s CSA post, still! Anyway, I’m enjoying the lack of having to be somewhere, and soon I need to get organized for the boys’ birthdays and then finally it will be back to school. Seems like a way’s away, but Labor Day will be here soon enough! August always seems to fly.

Enough of a tangent. Here’s what I’m thinking about cooking this week:

  • Sunday: Baked chicken with BBQ sauce, green beans, baked potatoes
  • Monday: Sausage & peppers, salad
  • Tuesday: Take-out
  • Wednesday: Chicken tenders or something easy (I get to eat out!)
  • Thursday: Chicken-tomatillo soup (slow cooker), salad or quesadilla
  • Friday: Burgers, salad
  • Saturday: ???

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