menu plan monday, getting out of my rut edition


I feel like I’ve been in a cooking rut lately. I make the same things over and over again and it’s not fun to cook anymore. I hate being bored! So this weekend I pulled out some of my cookbooks and found some inspiration. I’m trying some new recipes and making some old favorites that I haven’t cooked up in a while.

I guess with the holiday decorations down, I’m in “fresh start” mode — cleaning and organizing and ready to get on with things. I’m even thinking of resurrecting my long-dead recipe blog! Oh, what’s that? You didn’t know I had a cooking blog? Yeah, well it hasn’t been updated in about a year, so… As it neared New Year’s Day I considered doing a “365 dinners” thing, but knew I couldn’t keep up with that. Maybe breathing some new life into my blog will be a good substitute. I’ll be posting my new recipes over there this week after I make them. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them! I know it will make it easier for me to reference dishes.

Here’s my plan:

mon – pork roast (recipe to be posted), applesauce (from the freezer), sweet & sour cabbage
tue – baked breaded chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans
wed – london broil, spinach salad
thur – baked mac & cheese, green salad
fri – hot & sour soup, pork fried rice (recipes to be posted)
sat – tandoori chicken burgers (recipe to be posted), sweet potato fries

For more ideas, be sure to visit the blogs that participate in Menu Plan Monday.

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