Menu Plan Monday

With our school routine well-established, I’m finding that the organization is spilling into other areas of life too. I am much more of a schedule-oriented person, so I like the order that fall brings 🙂 I hope to make a couple fun desserts this week as well and I am contemplating “52 weeks of cookies.” Yes – trying a new cookie recipe every week for a year. Not sure I am that ambitious, but… maybe? Here’s what I’m planning for dinners this week:

  • Sunday: Take-out Chinese food
  • Monday: Slow cooked kielbasa in a bun, oven fries, salad
  • Tuesday: Ham & cheese and pepperoni & cheese calzones (from current Kraft magazine, well not the pepperoni, but I’m swapping), salad
  • Wednesday: Meatloaf muffins, twice-baked (or mashed) potatoes, CSA veggies
  • Thursday: Greek chicken, Mediterranean red potatoes (I’ll have 2 Crock Pots going for this dinner!), salad
  • Friday: Apple pecan pork medallions, roasted winter squash, cole slaw or salad
  • Saturday: Take-out (Jake has a birthday party at the mall, so we’ll probably grab something in the Food Court while he’s playing with his friends)

For more ideas, check out Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie.

2 Replies to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Your menu sounds great! Wow, I haven’t had Chinese food in such a LONG time. Well, maybe since 2004/2005 … I remember eating some when I worked in Cohoes, when I was pregnant with Lucas … and it totally did NOT agree with me. I haven’t had it since then. I miss this great Chinese place in Bloomington, IN. *sigh* I plan to do chicken stir-fry sometime this week. Need to come up with a yummy stir-fry sauce to use!

  2. Meal planning went kind of crazy this week because after I planned and shopped I realized we weren’t going to be home 3 nights this week (oh brain, where have you gone???). But I’m pretty good about getting things that will hold, so not much harm done … anyway, the plan was:
    1. Nachos (made ’em already, they were great)
    2. Meatloaf with leftover squash casserole (tonight’s dinner, I think)
    3. Spinach/feta strudel and cheese/rice strudel
    4. Clam chowder (really easy Rachael Ray recipe)
    5. Corn/shrimp bisque
    6. uhh… fish stick soft tacos, I think

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