menu plan for 9.11-9.17

It’s shaped up to be a “family favorites” sort of week, with a couple new recipes thrown in there that are familiar enough to seem like favorites already 🙂 The first half of this week is quite busy with meetings and appointments and open houses. I will be so glad when Thursday is here!

  • Sunday: Silroin tip roast, baked potatoes, green beans
  • Monday: Pasta for kids, out for me & D
  • Tuesday: Turkey tacos, black bean salad, (cheese roll-ups for my suddenly picky 6 YO)
  • Wednesday: Make your own pizzas for the kids, crock pot chickpea curry & basamati rice for the adults, green salad for all.
  • Thursday: BLTs – sandwiches for the kids and BLT-inspired dinner salads for me & D.
  • Friday: Take-out or leftovers
  • Saturday: Burger, salt & vinegar potatoes, salad

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