Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned Sigh… I ordered the wrong freaking color to finsh up my scarf. It’s my own fault for not writing down the color number. I guessed between two colors what I thought was correct, and I really thought the name sounded right, but clearly I was wrong. I should have ordered “Flamingo” not “Bougainvilla.” I think I need to start keeping track of this stuff so it doesn’t happen again. It’s a small annoyance, really, but it was enough to give me a hard time falling asleep last night because I was so mad at myself. So, I think that in addition to a recipe binder I will find myself setting up a knitting organizer as well. I’m one of those people who immediately throws away packaging, so if I get in the habit of making up a project sheet and stapling the ball band to that sheet, I will have it for reference. Why did I never think of this before?

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  1. I started a three ring binder for my knitting recently. It really has helped. Sorry that happened, for what it’s worth both colors are really pretty!

  2. Hey, what is that yarn? I might be able to take it off your hands for an upcoming project… huh, I would have definitely thought the pinker would be flamingo and the redder bouganvillia, but what do I know?

  3. Hi, I feel your pain I’ve done it before myself

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