The Saturdays when I work at the library are such a weird mix of lazy and busy. And yet somehow I rarely feel stressed about it. One of these days I’ll take you on a little “day in the life of a library clerk” — but not today.

It was kind of weird today. I had so many more reference questions than usual (I’m not complaining — that’s one of my favorite parts of the job: helping patrons find information). I looked up quite a few things, from GED resources, to dual diagnosis programs, to the name of a specific Vietnam war memoir. Today there was a stretch where we had so may patrons coming in, and lulls when there was only someone using a computer. My whole day has been like that, even at home. Busy getting ready for work, a bit of craziness as soon as I get home, a bit of relaxation, and then it was off to drop off Jake at a friend’s house and run a few errands. And now things are pretty calm again as I wait to start getting Noah and Laura ready for bed. Drew’s going to pick up Jake later, so I’m planning on a little TV and crochet to wind down the night.

Speaking of crochet… I finally finished Noah’s checkerboard pillow this week! Ta da 🙂

checkerboard pillow

Basically, I just SC’ed strips, making my little white and black squares, then I sewed them up together, crocheted a border around them, and then finished up the pillow with a dark blue back to match the rest of the kiddo’s bedding.

checkerboard pillow

He was so happy with it — it got me a very big hug! I have to say, I’m glad to have all these little projects done. I have been ready to move onto other things, but feeling guilty for not finishing up my works-in-progress. I have a few fun ideas on the horizon and I can’t wait to get started on them!

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  1. Nice pillow! I have a little project hanging over my head too- ma ybe this post will be my inspiration to just get it done already!

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