lazy, hazy…


I can’t believe it’s only mid-July. Is this summer dragging for anyone else? The boys haven’t even been out of school for a full month, yet it seems like so much longer than that. I know I’ve complained about it ad nauseum, but the heat and humidity is not doing much to make things pleasant. The kids are constantly covered in sweat, and poor Noah has little pimples because he won’t let me wash it every 10 minutes like I want to. He’s not even five yet. Do I really need to check out the best acne treatments that CVS has to offer? Tomorrow they’ll get a break at the lake, and they’ve enjoyed the splash pool and our slip & slide here in the yard. But it would be nice to do some outside activities in some nicer weather.

Next week is scheduled to be outrageously hot, too. At Cub Scout Camp Jake will have time in the lake every day, but I’ll have to think of something else for Noah. They had openings for the library mini-camp, so for three afternoons he’ll do that, since he’s having such a great time this week at the week-long camp.

I’m also running out of hot-weather recipes. How many grilled chicken salads can one eat? I’m inexplicably craving foods like meatloaf and split-pea soup, but they’re not exactly summer foods. (And no, don’t even think that the cravings indicate anything besides just that — cravings, LOL! Just trust me on that one!) Maybe I’ll splurge on some shrimp this weekend. I need to get out of this cooking rut!

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  1. I love your new blog design. And that hydrangea photo is gorgeous!

    I think this summer is FLYING by. Although, right after preschool ended and it was still mid-June, I felt overwhelmed at how to keep the kids occupied (and not bored!) all summer. But now, here we are, almost the end of July … I feel like it’s going very fast!

  2. Love the new blog look, it’s so pretty 🙂

    This summer has just flown by for us, we’re only about 2 weeks away from school starting, wow.

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