Lap Books

Although Jake’s last day of school isn’t until the 26th, I’m trying to get some activities together that we can do over the summer. One thing that I thought would be fun is doing a few lapbooks. I had never heard of these until I saw them mentioned on a blog by a homeschooling friend, and I couldn’t believe how cool they are! I wish I had known about them when I was really into paper crafts a few years ago, because they (can) use a lot of cool paper folding techniques. I think this will be a great way to get Jake to continue working on his reading and writing, plus incorporate his interests. For example, the last few times he went to the school library, he was checking out books about parrots and toucans, so I thought it might be cool to do a lapbook on rainforests for our first one. We’ll go to the library and check out some Amazon books, print out some pictures that we find online, and put together a really neat book that he’ll enjoy looking at because he made it himself! I was looking at photos of finished lapbooks on Flickr and he was really excited about them, so I think this is a project we’re both looking forward to. Have any of you ever done lapbooks with your kids?

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  1. wanna email me your address? I’ll send you one of these:

  2. so are lapbooks books the kids make? I had never seen them before…

  3. We make lapbooks! 🙂 I love it when someone “discovers” lapbooking and enjoys it! Yes, it’s great for crafty types. My daughter is Miss Creativity, so lapbooking is a perfect learning method for her narrations. Bless you. (I made the lapbooking site you first linked. Thanks!)

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