knitting & crochet 2009

I didn’t get to most of the projects I’d wanted to do this year, but looking back, seems that I still got quite a bit done! This year I taught myself to crochet and sew and I’m looking forward to attempting some more challenging projects in the new year. But indulge me as I look back on my knitting and crochet projects.


WWII Watchcap, DW dishcloth, and handwarmers
weekend knitting


Easy Knit Handwarmers
easy knit handwarmers

Learning to crochet
learning to crochet

Crochet dishcloth with ruffle edging
crochet dishcloth with ruffle edging


Laura’s crochet baby sweater
crochet baby sweater


Lacy summer scarf (frogged)
summer scarf


Earthy ripple blanket
ripple afghan

Crochet tawashi flowers
crochet tawashi flowers


Crochet pumpkin hat (I made several of these)
crochet pumpkin hat

Attic24 bag
attic24 bag

I haven’t done much in the last couple months, but hopefully I’ll be able to start working crochet back into my schedule. Stay tuned for a sewing recap, next!

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  1. A crafting year in review ~ I love it! You are so talented. I’m trying to teach myself how to crochet. A friend gave me a crochet magazine with instructions in the back. I understand the basic concept but am having trouble with it. I should look online for some videos. I can do a foundation stitch, though!

  2. You sure did get a lot done this past year. Wow. I even remember the big Ta-Da for a few. Love the pumpkin hat, it must have gotten by me…

    Happy NYE Hugs,

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