knit night

So last night I actually made it to Common Threads, which is the monthly knit/crochet night at my local library. Since my mom was visiting, she came along and we had a great time! I haven’t been crocheting much lately because I’ve been busy working on bows. Let me tell you — it was so relaxing picking up the hook again! The other day I was looking at the beading supplies at the craft shop and thinking about incorporating some pretty beads into a scarf design. Maybe I’ll start on that soon.

In the meantime, I am still plugging away on my afghan. I have three squares done, which isn’t a lot, but I’m meeting my goal of one per month. So at least there’s that! I think I’m going to be working on some hats for a friend who is a photographer. She’s been doing a lot of baby photography lately and wants some fun props. That will be a nice change of pace. I just have to find the right patterns. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I’ve finished them up!

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