Jell-O Margaritas

Jell-O MargaritasLast spring I bought several packets of limited edition Jell-O flavors, including "Margarita." With the cold and snow outside I’ve been yearning for warmer temperatures, and while I can’t exactly make a tropical vacation happen, I can make something that will remind me of summer: a grown-up version of Jell-O shots.

One box made two desserts. I substituted about 2 oz. of tequila for some of the cold water. (Hey, it’s not like I’m heading to a frat party. I don’t need to pre-drink, so I went easy on the Patron.) We’re having spicy Santa Fe chicken sandwiches tonight (from Balducci’s) and I thought this would be a fun way to end the meal.

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  1. Ooooh – how were they? They look fantastic!

  2. These looked *so* good in your Flickr pic. How were they? I never understood that “predrinking” thing in college. Those chicken sandwiches sound amazing! Where is the Balducci’s? Rhinebeck?

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