January Thaw, Please???

Brr… If you live in the Northeast, you know that we are experiencing some truly bitter cold this week. I am trying not to be negative about it, thinking about how much I hate the hot humid summer days  when every bit of clothing and hair sticks to you and it’s just all around gross. But still. It’s damn cold.

Last night I went to bed wearing heavy fleece pants, a long-sleeve tee, my heavy wool Aran sweater from Ireland, and piled on blankets, a duvet, and our quilt. And I was still cold. When is that January thaw happening?

Sigh… anyway. The cold doesn’t stop me from enjoying one of my all-time favorite treats: ice cream. Today I bought strawberry and decided that I absolutely must have hot fudge sauce to go with it, so I whipped some up with cream, dark chocolate, vanilla, butter, and marshmallows (they make a nice, smooth texture).

Oh yes…. that’s what I’m talking about!

Otherwise, things have been rather mundane, which is fine. I’ve been enjoying crochet by the fire, watching some true-crime shows on Netflix, and cooking up some yummy meals.

Hope things have been great with you, too! I’m off to start getting the kids ready for bed and the snuggle under about 27 blankets and watch “The Dark Knight Rises” with my hubby. Oh, and yes of course — I will totally be devouring that strawberry sundae 😉

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  1. Unfortunately, I believe the thaw was last week :-/

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