jake & noah, cinematographers

One of the funniest parts of yesterday was watching the boys make up Lego movies. They do this a lot, you know. They drag out all the Legos, create characters (often abstract looking with crazy names inspired by things they’ve seen, like Hubberton Forge and Dr. Inferno) and make up scenery and create these little “movies.” We have a couple on video and they’re hysterical. Often long and drawn out (Jake is very detail-oriented), but funny nonetheless. They’re always talking about what happens in one of their “Skateboard Heroes” movies. I asked Noah how many movies there are. His reply: “Oh there’s six. I mean eleven. I mean… oh, I don’t know.”

Well, there are quite a few. That I know. Here’s a little interview with Noah:

Me: How did you come up with the idea for Skateboard Heroes?
Noah: It’s a secret.

Me: Who is your favorite character?
Noah: Me — Agent Booster. Don’t you know that?

What’s going to happen in the next one?
Noah: I didn’t even think about the part in the movies. Ughh. Mommy!

Well, he’s got the Hollywood attitude going. Artists. Sheesh.

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