It’s birthday week!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was very fun, but very busy! It is birthday week here so on Saturday we had a family party celebrating these two goofballs!

Birthday celebration

I always try to find a silly cake for theme and I thought the dragon was pretty cute! Noah joked that it was too scary, LOL! Always kids at heart! The food was great! I made chicken schwarma, tumeric rice, and salad. I was up at 7:30 grilling the chicken thighs ahead of the party, but it made things much smoother once people started arriving.

Yesterday I drove Laura up for her week at Camp Veritas. She had such a great time last year that she couldn’t wait to go back! (And as a bonus for parents, in our parish attending camp means your kid can skip the weekly CCD classes.) It was adorable as we were hauling her stuff to the cabin and all these girls she made friends with last year would yell out her name and come over and give her a big hug! I’m sure she’ll have a fantastic week up there.

And today is my oldest’s 21st birthday! So hard to believe!

Birthday celebration

He does have to work all day, but I think he plans to hang out with some friends afterwards. Then we will have a late dinner around 8 because I also have a board meeting I need to attend for work. Later this week will be Noah’s big day and college for both of them next week! The time just flies!

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  1. Happy Birthday to all! A birthday week sounds like a lot of fun. Cute cake! Hope you have a wonderful week enjoying special time with all your people!

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