In Denial

I’m not getting sick. No. I’m really not. The sore throat is from the A/C at work yesterday. The stuffy/runny nose? Oh, that’s from the goldenrod by the driveway. Headache? Hm… Maybe one too many cups of coffee today. (Or maybe one too few?) At any rate, the truth is that I kind of feel like ass today, but I’m trying hard not to pay attention to it.

I think I’m going to clean out the aquarium today so we can buy new fishies this week. Jake really wants “a bunch more” so… Personally, I’d rather just get one Beta, but Drew thinks we should get a bunch of tiny little guys. We’ll duke it out at the pet store 😉 Yesterday I finally made my appointment to have my bridesmaid dress fitted. I think that’s the last thing I need to do before Mikey’s wedding. Though, knowing me I’m forgetting something. I can’t wait to get my hair cut after the wedding! I was thinking of growing it again, since already long enough, but after seeing photos of me at the shower? Hm. Well, I much prefer it the way I was wearing it earlier this year. But at this point, why cut it now and make it difficult to style in a few weeks? Might as well just keep it long and be able to wear it up for the wedding.

Not much else is going on today. I’ve been working on some menu planning for next week, catching up on e-mails, a little cleaning, that sort of thing. I hope to finish up my neckwarmer today, and I should have enough yarn still to knit up a matching hat. Exciting stuff, huh? (Don’t worry I see you yawning.) Hope everyone’s weekend is a bit more exciting that mine is shaping up to be!

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  1. Oh, I hope that you’re not catching something! Take plenty of vitamins and drink lots of hot tea. Hope that sore throat feels better. I sure hope you don’t catch what I had!!! That BM dress is pretty and will look great on you.

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