In case my blog just isn’t enough

This morning I made up a new Twitter account. Mostly because quite a few of my fellow wine bloggers have been using it for notes and whatnot, but also because… hey, why not. I had an account last winter when the service was quite new, but later, in a fit of Internet malaise, I deleted it. So, if you’re on Twitter and you’d like to follow me, I thought I’d share that information. In fact, I think I’ll just list all of my little social networking profiles. Because… hey, why not.

On Twitter:
On Facebook
On MySpace
On LinkedIn
On Snooth: You can add CarolB to your friends; couldn’t figure out a direct link
On Cork’d

I need to make better use of Snooth and Cork’d. I have a bad habit of not writing down my wine notes and then regretting it later.

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  1. Welcome to Snooth. Here’s the link you’d give out:

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