I ♥ The Internet

Ten years ago in January I celebrated an anniversary of sorts — the first time I had my very own Internet connection. As a student at UMass, we all were pretty well hooked up with e-mail and Usenet, but it wasn’t until I lived in an apartment that I actually went all out (prior to that I’d use my friends’ Internet connections). But I’d always been a little bit of a computer geek. My parents bought a TI99-4A when I was in the second grade and I loved that thing! Man, I used to have so much fun keying in little BASIC commands (I still remember a bit, too). I guess I am lucky to have always had and interest in computers because it did set me up for where we are today. I wrote for a magazine that was focussed on computer telephony, my husband’s job is related to building online communities, and let’s not forget about all of my “imaginary friends” who live inside the computer! Perhaps it’s not always the most ideal way to connect with people, but it certainly is the easiest a lot of the time. It’s almost hard to remember what life was like when computers & Internet weren’t such an integral part of our lives.

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