i ::heart:: swagbucks

Search & Win When I signed up for Swagbacks several months ago, I wasn’t totally sure it would be worth it. But I’ve discovered that it is totally worth it. I’ve earned nearly $50 worth of Amazon gift certificates just by searching the Web (and yes, thanks to referrals as well). I’ve been using these codes for treats for myself, but you could use them toward Christmas gifts, too.

Since I have a notebook computer, I’m online pretty much anytime Laura nurses during the day. Plus, as a freelance writer I do a lot of Web searches so for me it’s pretty easy to grab at least one Swagbuck during the day. They do add up quickly. It’s effortless, in my opinion. And if you sign up through my referral link, I’ll earn a Swagbuck whenever you do (and I will love you for-evah!). Anyway, with the holidays fast approaching I just thought I’d mention this again. I think it’s great and I’ve gotten my Amazon e-certificates within 7 days of “cashing in” my Swagbucks.

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  1. OK ~ I’ll check it out! 🙂

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