Headache city, baby

I’m going to assume that it’s the excitement of Christmas that is the reason behind my boys being absolutely wild the past couple of days. Seriously, I find myself so frustrated that I feel like a blood vessel is going to burst in my brain. It will all be over soon, though, right? Right.

So this morning we had to venture out to start shopping for Christmas Day dinner. Stop & Shop was bad enough (even though I was extremely oragnized with my list). People seem to think that the middle of the aisle is a great place to have a social hour. Hello? Invite the person over for coffee if you want to catch up. Do not do it in front of the freezer when I need to get in there to grab a bag of shrimp. But we made it through. Not easily, but we did it. Next it was on to Sam’s.

What. A. Nightmare. I drove around for 10 minutes at least before I even found a spot (which is incredibly uncommon). The store was filled with people who were just not at all focussed on the task at hand. They didn’t have one of the items I was hoping they’d have (I was really hoping for some kind of chicken teriyaki skewer from the freezer section, just to save myself a bit of work). I got my container of boccacini, and a big container of peppercorns and one of seasalt, and then headed to the check-out. It took forever to leave because immediately after the exit clerk (or whatever the right name is) had looked at my receipt and was sure I didn’t steal anything, some middle-aged guy tried to sneak out, so the clerk blocked the exit with him while he was getting out his reciept. Of course, I couldn’t just leave — I had to witness this insanity.

Honestly. The best part of the whole outing was the incredibly nice teenagers working at the Taco Bell drive-thru. And for once I am not being sarcastic. They were polite, they smiled, they made me feel better. Taco Bell employees in Kingston — you are the best!

We finally got home and ate and then I made the onion jam for Tuesday. Next year I am making a crown roast, potatoes, a salad, and vegetables. It will be a lot less labor intensive than the eight million things I have to whip up.

Deep breath… deep breath…

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