Has it been a week?

Well, clearly I have a lot of catching up to do and I will certainly talk about our vacation in another post (when I have a little more time – trying to get back into the swing of things today; we just got back yesterday). But first I want to thank everyone who sent their thoughts and good wishes toward my Babci (my dad’s mother). As I had mentioned in my last post she was not doing well. Well, she passed away on Sunday morning. The service will be at the end of next month. From the way it sounds, it really was for the best – her condition was not improving. It’s very sad, but at least she is not suffering – she apparently was in a lot of pain. I have not really explained it to Jake yet (selfishly I did not want to be fielding questions through our whole vacation), but he’s been to funerals before and remembers when Drew’s grandmother died, so he’ll understand. But still, it will be hard. Again, though, thanks for the wishes. They were much appreciated.

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Oh no! I am *so* sorry, Carol! I’m glad that she’s not in pain anymore, though. I’m trying to think whether I’ve met your paternal grandma before. If there’s anything that you guys need, please let us know. So very sorry. 🙁

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