Hard to Believe

I don’t even know where to start a blog post after something like Hurricane Sandy happens. Luckily, our little spot upstate-ish barely felt any effects. Yes, it rained, and yes the wind was blowing like mad, but aside from a 10-second power blip, and a whole lot more leaves down, we are no worse for the wear. My heart absolutely breaks for everyone in New York City, New Jersey, and other affected areas. My thoughts are with them.

Last year at this very same time we were hammered with that freak blizzard. If I remember correctly, we had 18 inches of snow on the deck! Here’s what our yard looked like:

A year ago

Today it’s just gray and windy (still). Last year I crocheted my way through the storm working on baby elf hats. This year, I hooked away at dozens of granny trees.

Tonight I just plan on being cozy in my little home, and being grateful that I have power to cook, unspoiled food to eat, munchkins to hug, and a sound roof over our heads. Disasters like this have a tendency to remind us of what’s really important, don’t they?

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  1. They do indeed, don’t they. So glad you all are unaffected. I wondered about you this afternoon.

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