happy new year

I’m hoping that the 10s will be my personal decade of sleep. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep in the last 10 years. I had three kids, none of whom were/are particularly good sleepers as babies. And even after they started to sleep better, the two older ones went through phases of waking up at 4:30 a.m. on a regular basis. We’re not there yet with Laura. Right now, we’re still in the up 7-10 times a night phase. So I’m hoping that even if the next six months are pure torture (as they likely will be), the rest of the decade should be smooth sailing and I should start to catch up on my zzz’s. There are no more babies headed this way so I am looking forward to at some point sleeping for more than an hour and a half at a time.

Yeah. Decade of sleep. Sounds good to me.

Other than that I’m not really sure what 2010 will hold for us. I have all the usual resolutions: craft more, eat less, save money, that kind of thing. We’re in good shape with insurance and what not, so we don’t need to look into life insurance quotes, though I might see if we can save a little on our car insurance. Other than that, I guess we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing. We should not have as many expenses this year (since we’re not having a baby), so that alone will save us some money. It would be great to pay down a nice chunk of the mortgage this year. We’ll see what we can make happen.

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