Happy New Year!

I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start! Ours has been quite relaxing. Drew’s mom took the boys on the 1st and we’re picking them up later this morning, so we’ve been able to get some things done around the house, as well as actually sleep past 5:30 a.m. which has been really nice šŸ˜‰

Yesterday I did a big grocery shopping trip. I’ve decided to make an effort to do more shopping at Aldi. Do you have one of these stores near you? They are significantly cheaper on many items and lots of frugality bloggers around the web have written about the store. It’s good for basics like snacks, canned goods, frozen items, and cheese. Their milk is priced extremely well, but they don’t sell 1% oddly enough, and that’s what we drink. Unfortunately their produce at my local store is not always the greatest but I am picky about my fruits and veggies anyway. I walked out of there yesterday with four bags full of groceries for $32. Not too shabby! Then I just filled in at a couple other stores.

Since shopping took me forever I decided to just pick up lunch on the way home. I was really craving a tuna sub, but the last time we went by, our local Subway franchise was being remodeled and wasn’t open. I didn’t want to risk that (don’t mess with a hungry, pregnant woman!) so I picked up some chili at Wendy’s.

We also got all the Christmas decorations down, watched some movies, and just took it easy. I’m not prepared for the craziness of real life to start back up this week, but I guess I don’t have a choice! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Our family goal for 2009 is to get our finances in order. That’s a *huge* task. We have a lot of credit card debt. Groceries are a *huge* problem, and there is actually an Aldi on the way to Albany. I’ve always kind of shuddered when I think about Aldi, but … maybe I should check it out sometime. We have a Big Lots in Hudson, too, and they actually have quite a few things for very cheap.

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  3. there’s an aldi about 30 minutes or so from me, and i’m just wondering if it’s worth the money to drive down there to shop there. do they have most of the same products that other grocery stores have?

  4. Although I’ve never been in an Aldi here in the US (they don’t have them out west) I’m familiar with Aldi in Germany where they are pretty huge. What people don’t know is that Aldi also owns Trader Joes which we do have here and which I LOVE. Still, Trader Joes are somewhat different than Aldi stores. I’d probably buy at Aldi for some basics and get my produce someplace else. I do that at Trader Joes as well as I have an amazing market nearby with the absolute best produce, meat and Asian food section, but that’s all I buy there because otherwise they are too expensive.

    We also have to work on a financial budget for 2009. Maybe we can finally pull it together this year and really budget.

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