Happy Homemaker Monday, November 13th

Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I linked up with Sandra from Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday, so I thought it would be a good way to jumpstart the week (and maybe even get the blogging habit going again).

The Weather
Brr! I think this morning was the coldest yet — down to 20 degrees overnight! Yes, it definitely feels like November in the Northeast, LOL!

Monday – 43, chance of rain
Tuesday – 47, sunny
Wednesday – 49, cloudy
Thursday – 55, sunny
Friday – 59, cloudy
Saturday – 56, chance of rain
Sunday – 47, sunny

Right now I am
Taking a quick work break to type up this post and maybe even hit publish before the day is basically over!   

Thinking and pondering 
Hoping all goes smoothly for my husband who is travelling to California today. Last week he was in Texas, so it’s been a lot of air travel for him. Luckily once he is home Friday, he’s home for two weeks and then just a few days in NYC in December. 

How I am feeling 
I was down with a cold this weekend, but I feel so much better today! My sinuses are still a bit blocked, but overall I feel back to “normal” (whatever that may be, LOL!)

On the breakfast plate 
Scrambled eggs with salsa, one piece of bacon, vanilla-raspberry protein shake.

On the lunch plate 
Southwestern salad with grilled chicken

On the dinner plate 
Macaroni & cheese, broccoli (Laura’s request)

On the menu
I think it’s going to be a “wing it” kind of week. Drew is away and Laura has tech week (she is doing stage crew for the fall high school play), and we are having some major plumbing work done towards the end of the week (we are replacing our oil boiler with a liquid propane boilerfre and the propane company needs to come and trench for the piping and deliver the propane tanks). So we will just see how it all goes!

Monday – Macaroni & cheese, broccoli
Tuesday –  Chicken parm, salad
Wednesday – loaded baked potatoes, salad
Thursday –  Pizza (freezer leftovers)?
Friday –  Cheeseburgers?
Saturday – Zuppa toscana or split pea soup?
Sunday –  Diner?

What I am wearing 
Boat neck navy and white striped shirt, dark blue jeans, tan booties 

On my reading pile
This weekend I started The True Story of the Bilderburg Group, but it is way too “out there” and had to stop listening. If I had realized the author was a conspiracy theorist, I probably would not have downloaded it. So I think I have to find something else to read this week!

On my TV this week
Not sure!

Looking around the house
A few things to tidy, but all is mostly in order. I do have a basket of laundry to fold and put away

To do list 
Laundry (obviously because it is never-ending!)
Reschedule doctor’s appointment (done!)
Money for Laura’s field trip
Thanksgiving prep

From the camera
Checking off those Monday morning tasks!

Something to share
Hmm… drawing a blank on this one

Thanksgiving Tips, DIY, Ideas or recipes
Let people help! It is just the 5 of us this year, but Jake offered to make brioche rolls and apple cider donuts. I’m going to just let him go for it. Cider donut sundaes with pumpkin ice cream sound like a fun dessert — something different instead of pie!

Devotional, Bible Verses
Still thinking about this week’s homily at Mass. In a world where it can seem dark, St. Paul, in the second reading said, “We do not want you to grieve like those who have no hope.” It is so important to remember to hold onto that hope, even the tiniest shred, no matter how hard things get.

4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, November 13th

  1. Jean

    Brr, it’s cold where you are! We’re getting another round of warm weather here. Apple cider donuts sound really good. Hope your husband has safe travels, all the plumbing work goes well, and that you have a wonderful week!

  2. BillieJo

    Hello! So happy to visit with you tonight! I love that reading from St. Paul! That verse is so inspiring. I hope you have a cozy and productive week and the plumbing is completed quickly. Macaroni and Cheese with broccoli is a favorite here. Sometimes I add soft pretzels!

  3. Sherry

    Nice to have you back! I disappear from my blog for months at a time – but then I realize how much I miss it and come back! I am hoping to do Blogmas this year! I’ve never done it before. I hope you have a wonderful week!


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