Happy Homemaker Monday, Jan. 23, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather:::
It was a cold and windy day today. The wind is whipping and a cold rain is currently falling. I’m sure it won’t be long until it starts freezing. We are due for a mix of various types of nasty precipitation overnight. We will see what happens.

On my reading pile:::

I am still reading this book I started last week. Honestly, I haven’t gotten too far. It was just the way things played out. Didn’t feel much like reading. I’m going to try to finish it, though because I have this one up next…


Ahhh! I’m so excited to ready this. I’ve heard really good things about it. I just hope it’s as thrilling as people say.

On my TV:::
I’m watching old episodes of “A Cook’s Tour” on Netflix and old episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries” on Amazon Prime. So good!

On the menu for this week:::
Monday – Sticky chicken, rice, steamed broccoli & carrots
Tuesday – Cheeseburgers, tater tots, green salad 
Wednesday – Maybe take-out? 
Thursday – Turkey meatballs stroganoff over egg noodles, mixed veggies
Friday – Homemade stromboli, green salad
Saturday – Chicken fajitas, chips & salsa
Sunday – Golumpki lasagna, green salad

On my to do list:::
Everything. Seriously, laundry up the wazoo, vacuuming, dishes… I’m way off schedule and don’t see myself getting it back together until next week. Just too much going on.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Well, I still haven’t started that shawl. I have yarn picked out to make an oval runner for our coffee table. Maybe I’ll start that tonight since after-school activities were cancelled and I’m free from driving around!

Looking around the house:::
Clean laundry to be put away, blankets on the living room floor, lunchboxes that need to be emptied and cleaned. It’s just how the afternoon is when you’re a working mom. Things get done when they get done and that’s OK.

From the camera:::
Did you know it’s  National Handwriting Day today? Here’s a photo of one of my favorite pangrams written out in cursive.


A photo posted by Carol Bancroft (@planwithcarol) on

And here’s a couple pics of my Engrosser’s Script. Ugh, I miss having the time to practice, but it could be worse, LOL!


A photo posted by Carol Bancroft (@planwithcarol) on


A photo posted by Carol Bancroft (@carolwrites) on

Something fun to share:::
If you use Chrome for your browser, you will want to install Library Extension. When you’re shopping for books on Amazon, Library Extension will find those same books at your local library! How does it work? Easy: you pick your favorite libraries and add them to a list. Then, when you’re book shopping the extension adds a box that will let you know if those books are available at your library. Then you can head over and pick them up! I love supporting libraries and being frugal!

What I’m wearing today:::
Jeans, burgundy boat-neck top, charcoal sweater.

One of my simple pleasures:::
Enjoying a soothing cup of tea in the evening after the kids are upstairs for the night. It’s part of my relaxation ritual.


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  1. Jean says:

    Oh, I’ll have to see if Google Chrome is the one my kids are always telling me I’m supposed to be using (I use Firefox as my browser mostly, old habits and all that). Beautiful handwriting! I had no idea yesterday was handwriting day. I knew it was pie day so I baked a pie but a handwritten note would have been better for all of us. Hope you have a great week!

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