Happy Birthday, Mr. Two Year Old!

Me & Mr. TWO YEARS OLD! Although it’s hard to believe, yes, my little man is two today. Right about now two years ago we’d already made the decision that the VBAC wasn’t happening as I was not making any progress and I was waiting for my c-section. Little did I know that my doctor had been called into an emergency surgery and I was left waiting for about four hours.

At any rate, we’ve had a good day so far. He got his favorite treat (a donut), so he was pleased. It’s funny because he’s been sharing today and trying to engage Jake in play. It’s like he suddenly realizes he’s not a baby anymore (sniff!!!) and is trying to act like a “big kid.” Too freaking cute. Tonight I’ll be making the ice cream pie for their party. I am starting to feel a little more organized, but not as much as I’d like to be. Oh well! No one will even notice I’m sure.

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