Guess Who Just Called Me?

Optimus Prime!!! And apparently he is calling from the greater Albany area! I didn’t immediately recognize the phone number on the Caller ID, but recognized the area code. I thought it might be Lisanne, but nope. It was Optimus. (Hey, maybe Jeff is hiding him in their basement!) He was irritated because I was busy blogging (and actually… I was blogging when the phone call came, LOL!) My husband is playing dumb, but I am fairly sure he is behind this. He was, after all, named in the call. Apparently the Decipticons are trying to recruit him. 😉 Anyway, it was really funny and if you think your friends might get a kick out of it, go to the Transformers Movie Web site and set it up. I just might have to see if I can get Optimus to call Jake tomorrow. He would NOT believe his ears 🙂

4 thoughts on “Guess Who Just Called Me?

  1. Lisanne

    Hmm … Optimus Prime calling from Albany? I had *no* idea that he was right here in our city, staging a war against the Decepticons! Wow ~ imagine that?!? No, he’s not in *our* basement, hiding. I have absolutely *no* clue who would pull such a prank (:wink:).

  2. Jeff

    Holy cow! Did he want you to help fight the evil forces of the Decepticons??? (Transformers, more then meets the eyes ….)


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