Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

The last days of summer are here, and I can’t believe how I have barely written over the last few months! It’s really just been go, go, go with all kinds of things. But the days are starting to get a little less crazy and we are adjusting to a much quieter house.

The boys are doing great in college and just enjoying every minute. Noah loves his classes (well, except for Mathematical Logic, which he finds boring — ironically, I loved Logic when I took it my freshman year)! He has also found a new band, so he’s out there playing a bunch too. Jake is in an apartment this year with some friends and one of the things he is enjoying is cooking. In fact, he’s been making his own pasta! Leave it to him to keep his roommates well-fed!

Laura’s killing her Freshman year in high school so far. Volleyball has been a little rocky, but she’s sticking with it. She left one practice in tears, and then the next day played what she felt was the best she’d ever played. This year she doesn’t have her best friend on the team, so I know that is making it a little more challenging, but I’m proud of her determination.

As for me it’s just the usual! Over Labor Day weekend our town held its annual Community Day. It was a long day (and LOUD because our booth was position right near the band), but it is always fun seeing old friends and meeting new people. Here I am with the Library Booth!

I’ve been working on some knitting and crochet projects, too. I am almost done with this adorable bear hat for a couple up the road who just had their second boy. You forget how tiny baby clothes are! What else… ugh, tomorrow I’m off for an ultrasound first thing in the morning. I usually get it right after my mammo, but this year they had to split it up. My mammo was fine, but my doctor wants me to do the U/S to be sure so that’s where you’ll find me bright and early. There’s a Starbucks next door, so maybe I’ll treat myself to a fancy coffee afterwards.

Today is cool and rainy and really has me excited for Fall! I have so many things that I’m looking forward to in the next few weeks:

  • taking a trip to Lake George
  • attending An Evening with Al Franken (which should be especially entertaining/enlightening with everything currently in the news)
  • going on a walking tour of NYC churches and Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral 
  • my birthday
  • Laura’s Confirmation

I’m also hoping to squeeze in a trip to The Clark to see the Edward Munch exhibit before it’s over. Oh, I just love this time of year!

Hoping you all are doing well — I’ll definitely try to visit all my blog pals this week and catch up on things!

2 Replies to “Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!”

  1. Hello! I am so happy to see you and to hear that things are well with your family! Yes, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Autumn is cozy, and we have all the joy of the holidays to look forward to. Good luck tomorrow with the ultrasound. I also had one this year. And I think a Starbucks after is a must! Have a lovely evening, my friend!

  2. Happy fall to you! And yes, get yourself that Starbucks coffee drink (except I wouldn’t recommend the apple crisp oat milk thing…). Glad all your kids are doing so well in their schools. Hope you have a wonderful week!

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