Good Morning!


Even though I was up crazy early this morning, I don’t even feel tired because I went to bed around 7 last night! I was able to put Laura down (asleep!) in her carrier and thought I’d lie down too. Next thing I knew it was 9 p.m. and she was hungry. We’re working towards sleeping in her crib, but right now I think she’s too small and feels very much alone there. The boys both preferred the infant carrier at the beginning too. This is progress, since for a while at night she’d only sleep on me 🙂 In fact, today she is one month old! I’ll be sure to take some photos later. The last four weeks sure did fly by. A month ago right now I was standing in my kitchen with Drew and my parents, agonizing over the fact that I couldn’t even have a drop of water, getting ready to head to the birthing center for 6 o’clock. And now? I’m watching the news, drinking tea, covered with my cozy ripple afghan, and peeking at my sweet sleeping baby girl. Who could imagine?

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the 4th of July; it certainly doesn’t seem like it. The weather has been so cool and wet and not at all summer-like. Let’s hope for sunnier, warmer weather this weekend! You know what’s awful? I’ve been watching all the “fireworks are dangerous” stories on the news and every time I see a mannequin’s arm blown off, I can’t help but laugh for some reason. I know it’s not funny but… something about blowing up mannequins cracks me up. I’m surprised the news doesn’t follow up those kinds of stories with advice to seek out life insurance leads if you plan to be shooting off Roman Candles in your backyard, LOL…

Anyway… we still haven’t decided what, if anything, we’re doing this weekend. It would be fun to take the boys to see fireworks since they’re old enough to both stay up that late for a treat and not be totally scared by the noise. And Laura would probably just nurse her way through it all. Germantown and Saugerties both have fun activities going on tomorrow, so we might venture out there. Kingston is having their celebration on Sunday. We’re not bothering with Rhinebeck since it’s expensive to get into the fairgrounds ($30/car!).

I’m also really into the idea of going cherry picking since Lisanne mentioned it on Facebook. Cherry Ridge Farms in Hudson seems easy to get to and it would be something different to do. We’ll see. Then again, we might just feel like staying home, having a nice dinner (I’m thinking surf & turf — thaw out the lobster tails and filet mignon in the freezer and maybe pop open a bottle of bubbly), and light some sparklers in the yard. What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Love Apple Farm in Ghent is where we picked cherries, and they have a fun playground for the kids. They also have homemade Mexican lunches (never tried the cafe before, though, so don’t know whether it’s good). They have a petting zoo, too. We got 10 pounds of cherries! Mmm! Let me know how you like Cherry Ridge Farms if you go there.

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