goals for the year

july sunset

Every January, many people write out their lists of new year’s resolutions — those things they plan to do in their lives to improve something. I do it, too, and like everyone else my best intentions don’t always make those resolutions become habits.

Well, now that the holidays are over and I’ve had time to catch my breath, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d like to do to improve my life, and just generally make things run more smoothly at Chez Carol.

I’ve categorized my goals for the year and I’m going to focus on one set every day this week. Feel free to join in on your own blog! Often writing things down makes you more accountable because you see your words right there in black and white. Whether you want to get yourself into shape or get your act together, now is a great time to focus on meeting your personal goals.

But it’s important to remember that life happens. We’re not going to meet every single goal or keep all of our resolutions. But as Tom Waits says, “If it’s worth the going, it’s worth the ride.” And making the effort is what’s important.

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