gloomy day

gloomy day

I should be happy it isn’t snow, but this cold, rainy day is not doing much to inspire a good mood! In fact, it has me feeling a little grouchy. And hungry. Why is it on days like this I want to do nothing but eat? I should be worrying about how to burn belly fat, not how to make blondies without eggs (since I really don’t feel like heading out in this weather to get them). Maybe I should make something yummy, but warm and nourishing, like a big pot of red lentil soup. (I love this recipe… but still not as exciting as blondies!)

Anyway, I do have to come up with something for dinner tonight. Suddenly the boys don’t like tacos (what???), so I think the turkey tacos are off the menu. Maybe they’ve just forgotten how good they are! Worse comes to worse… there’s always peanut butter & jelly đŸ˜‰

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