Getting Organized

I need to get my act together soon in terms of getting the kids’ stuff organized for school. I’d like to redo my home management binder this year to include sections for each of the kids. I think it will make keeping track of school paperwork easier. There are a lot of great downloadable forms out there, though. Seems you can find just about anything. Heck, when I was searching I found a funeral planning worksheet — but hopefully I won’t need anything like that soon!

I’m thinking more like freezer inventory sheets, freezer cooking worksheets… you know, things that will help make it easier in Septemeber when we all have to adjust to schedules again. I’m actually looking forward to this project. I’ll keep you updated on how I come along!

One thought on “Getting Organized

  1. Elizabeth

    I also love getting ready for a new school year. I love school shopping too. Pencils, crayons, notebooks, folders, ordering new curriculum, I can’t wait to get it all and organized for the next year. lol It’s amazing the things that make a mom excited.


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