There is certainly something to be said about the quality of old homes vs. new homes. Don’t get me wrong — I love my house, I really do. But we are discovering that the builder was not exactly… uh… top-notch. Last night Drew was ready to pull up the bluestone hearth in front of the fireplace. We were hoping to salvage it as a single piece to use elsewhere. If it had been on a piece of backing board it would not have been that much work. Of course, we discovered that the slate was glued directly to the plywood floor. Ugh… It was impossible to get it up in one piece, but Drew was able to carefully get it up in chunks that we can use outside for a path, at least. Still… disappointing.

Oh, and then there was the electric socket that we learned was behind the fireplace too (remember that the corner of the room had been blocked off. Maybe it wasn’t a fire hazard, but I’m not sure! At any rate, it is all open now and I feel good about that.


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