Fun at the Fair

Dutchess County Fair

We did end up going to the Dutchess County Fair the other night and it was a lot of fun! It was incredibly crowded, too, which got a little stressful at times. Still, the boys enjoyed it. I’m so glad we have a wagon for them to ride in! It makes these kinds of events so much easier. The downside to the fair is, as you can imagine, the price of everything. Good grief! I can’t believe how much money we spent on so little 🙁 But we expected it. I guess that is why you don’t go every year! You have to buy ride tickets, so we bought just enough for both boys to go on four rides. (Apparently rides are included in admission at the Ulster County Fair so next year we might check that out.) At least they enjoyed themselves — that’s what matters, right?

We also decided to play a couple of the carnival games. The first was a water squirting game that Drew played with Jake. They did not win, but the guy who did gave his stuffed frog to Jake! How nice was that? Then I played a dart throwing game and kicked butt 🙂 Of course, the carnie weaseled another $5 out of me, but at least Noah got a prize too. Unfortunatley I have to sew up the stuffed doggie because it had a rip in it that I didn’t noticed until later in the evening. Sigh…

We actually took it really light on the food. We had some awesome fresh-cut french fries (probably the deal of the fair!). For $3 we got a heaping carton of them. The pretzel was also amazingly good. Drew and I shared a gyro and it was decent, but we are spoiled by some great Greek restaurants so we have high standards 🙂 I wanted to try these ribbon fries, but they were $7.00 and then the toppings were 50 cents extra, so we skipped that. We decided instead to stop at Del’s on the way home for ice cream cones. It ended up being much cheaper and we felt good about supporting the little guy. I felt bad because it was *so* dead over there. Usually it’s really busy around 7 PM, but with the fair down the road, I guess it’s slow this week.

People watching was fun too. There were lots of aging hippies, people wearing leather clothing and body jewelry, and some really bad hair (hello, mullets!). It’s good to go every couple years, but I am “fair’ed out” for a while I think!

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