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It’s Friday! So that means it’s time to link up with Finding Joy in My Kitchen‘s Friday Favorite Finds. Here are my Pinterest food finds for the week.

This week has been weirdly humid and rainy — not quite hot but not cool. Definitely not my favorite weather. When we went to the grocery store yesterday we drove through quite a downpour — the old swishers were working overtime to clear the windshield! It’s supposed to really cool off over the weekend, so I’m thinking about cozy breakfasts. Now the the boys have CCD on Wednesday afternoons, we can have lazy Sunday mornings and I love that!

Here are some delicious breakfast recipes I wanted to share, Enjoy!

Berry “pancake” souffle


Crustless Quiche – I made a version of this recipe and it was terrific!


Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal


Oopsie Rolls – Not just for breakfast, these low-carb “rolls” are GREAT with peanut butter, to dip in egg yolk, and can be doctored up with vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Super easy to make and surprisingly yummy!


Be sure to head over to Finding Joy in My Kitchen and see what inspired everyone else this week!

4 Replies to “friday favorite finds – healthy breakfasts”

  1. The crustless quiche looks so simple and delicious. Great presentation in the cups too.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for something different to make for breakfast. I’m sure the quiche would be great for lunch, too; and how can I not make something called Oopsie Rolls. I think the Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal will be on my table tomorrow morning. I just happen to have some leftover pumpkin in my fridge. Have a great week.

  3. The Oopsie Rolls look interesting. I might have to try those sometime and see what my husband thinks.
    {Stopping by from Friday Favorites}

  4. I’m with the others on the Oopsie rolls — they look like a fun one to try.

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