Friday Bullets

  • I like doing entries bullet-style
  • My stuffy nose is clearing up, thankfully. I have a bunch of wines I need to taste over the next few days, so I’m glad I’ll be able to smell again.
  • Jake suddenly has all these girls giving him things at school: stickers, shells, pictures they’ve colored, books they’ve made… He is such a ladies’ man.
  • He is really into making books these days, especially counting books and books about food.
  • Noah is way into Moon Sand (it used to be one of those as seen on tv products, but you can get it everywhere now, it seems), coloring, Legos, and Playmobil.
  • He also knows most of his colors too. Except he says “chocolate” instead of “brown.” That makes me laugh.
  • I wish my Christmas cards were done.
  • I have absolutely no idea what to make for dinner.

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Do you want me to give you my baked chicken almond casserole recipe? You might like it, I don’t know. That’s a dinner idea. I like updating in bullet form ~ makes it easy to sort out my thoughts. 🙂 I love this new design, BTW … but I think that I told you that already. 🙂 How funny about Jake ~ he needs the shirt that our nephew Tyson has (it says “Ladies’ Man” ~ they found it at Target!). Hey ~ I haven’t gotten my wine yet! And I’m whining! LOL! 🙂 I need a drink after the day I’ve had today …

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