Friday Bullets

  • I am sooo tired today. The last couple of nights I have not slept well and I feel exhausted. Blargh.
  • I’ve never considered plastic surgery for my face, and after reading this anecdote on Drew’s blog, I am totally skeeved out! How D. makes connections sometimes cracks me up. Only he could somehow relate facelift scars to weight loss drugs (like Fenphedra).
  • We have no weekend plans, and I’m happy about that! I’d like to just hang out and knit and watch movies.
  • I found some black tea scented body wash at Dollar Tree last night. It smells really good in the bottle! We’ll see how it is in the shower.
  • I was surprised and happy to read that Kirsten Gillibrand was chosen to replace Hillary Clinton as NYS Senator. She was our rep in Congress (and yes, I voted for her in the fall). People forget that New York State isn’t just the five boroughs and Long Island. I’m not saying she is perfect (I don’t agree with her on everything), but  it’ll be great to have someone from “way up here” (LOL!) representing us. I wish her luck!
  • Current random cravings: grape juice, toast & butter (real butter, thank you!), and spoonfulls of peanut butter with a few chocolate chips on there for good measure. The coconut and spicy food craving seems to have subsided for now.
  • Lisanne sent me a package containing adorable baby girl clothes earlier this week! I have been too lazy to take a photo, but you have to check out the onesie she made. Is that perfect or what?
  • Yesterday Jake told me that he is sick of the cold and of winter in general. When my snow-loving six-year-old says it, you know it’s bad.
  • 56 days until Spring.

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