It’s so cold out there today! I went out and finished (yay!) the last tiny bit of Christmas shopping that I had to do. The stores and roads are crazy, though. I managed to smile through it all, but there are a lot of really nasty people out and about, unfortunately. On there other hand there were a few super nice people who went out of their way to hold open doors for me and the baby and offered to help with packages. So there’s a little bit of holiday spirit out there, at least. 🙂

We’re all doing better here. Laura has been having an awful time with teething this week, but today she seems a lot more herself. Lots of smiles and giggles, and less screaming and tears. Noah is starting to do better, too. The doctor thinks he might be asthmatic. It doesn’t really surprise me since I had asthma as a child and still have issues when I get a cold, but it’s still a bummer. She wanted to do an albuterol treatment at the office to see (they obviously have all kinds of medical equipment there). It did help so she gave us a prescription. I already had a nebulizer at home so at least I didn’t need to worry about that. We’re only doing the breathing treatments once or twice a day, but they are making a difference. He has a lot more energy today and his appetite is back to normal so it looks like he, too, is well on the road to recovery.

So I think we’ll just try to keep it relaxed this weekend. Except for Jake. Jake’s social calendar is filled, LOL. Last night he had a Cub Scout field trip to a water treatment facility. I know, it sounds a little weird but he loved it — he was totally fascinated. He is very interested in anything related to nature/science/the environment so this was right up his alley. Tonight is the pack meeting. The scouts are carolling at a local nursing home and then heading over to the elementary school for cocoa and cookies. And then tomorrow morning is one of the “special Saturday classes” required for First Holy Communion. So we’ll go to 9AM Mass and then… something afterwards. I’m not really sure what the topic is for this one; I think it’ll be about the sacrament of reconciliation. But hopefully Saturday afternoon will be lazy, as will Sunday afternoon.

If I’m lucky, maybe… just maybe I’ll get some crochet in!

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